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The story "REGRET" is about a woman name Mamzelle Aurelle who is still single at the age of 50.She was never married and was never in love in her entire life time.She had only her pet dog name PANTO and was little connected with her maids who were negreos.One day her neighbour went to see her sick mother and leaving her four children with Mamzelle.This was the first time that she experienced handling children.At the begining she was disgusted and kept on complaning to her aunt who was her cook.She now started getting attached with the kids and when finally her neighbour came back she cried out hard like a man without even realisng that PANTO was already licking her hand.


LOVE - throughout her life she has never realised the essence of loving someone in the sense having an emotioinal attachment with any human.it was through those four kids which created a strong bond in her mind and for the first time she realised bond of connection.

EMPTINESS-Before the children came she was all alone but never felt the pain of being alone.it was with the entry of those four children which made her felt very empty because she suddenly got integratedly connected with them and their presence even though was not welcome by her at the begining but while taking care of them and without self realision only she satrted loving those kids.And suddenly when they left she was she felt very empty.



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